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Jim Schroeder is an attorney who also serves as the Associate Pastor of Port Community Church (PCC). Both Jim and Pastor Frank were "born and bred" in Port Republic, and this community has helped to shape them— especially through the Church that has been a bedrock here since 1796. Jim has a heart for a church that is passionate about knowing, loving, and serving Jesus Christ to make a difference in the hearts and lives of others. Jim and Pastor Frank have a special connection that goes back more than three decades, and together they are grateful to be involved in PCC from its inception! 


Although Jim and his family currently reside in Ohio, he can be found in New Jersey on a fairly regular basis and is very much involved in the life of PCC.  

James E. Schroeder, ESQ

Schroeder Law Group

B.A. Stockton University | M.A.R. Asbury Theological Seminary | M.A. Rutgers University | J.D. Rutgers University

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