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Pastoral Family

Frank Brown is the founding pastor of Port Community Church. Pastor Frank grew up in Port Republic and has served as pastor in this community since 2011. With a passionate heart for the spiritual welfare of those within the church and the community, he serves from a place of love. Pastor Frank has dedicated his life to helping others find their way to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ through reading and studying the Bible, prayer, worship, fellowship, and service to others! No matter what you may be facing, you can always feel free to reach out to Pastor Frank and know that you'll find a willing heart reaching back. We are in this together.


Frank and Kelly serve as a team. Kelly is the administrative assistant of the church. AJ, their son is pursuing his Parkour training, while working in the area.


Pastor Frank Brown                                  Kelly A. Brown                  office@portcommunity


B.A. Asbury University | M.A.R. Asbury Theological Seminary | M.S.Ed. University of Pennsylvania | Ed.S. Rutgers University

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